Recommendations to Parents / Guardians


  • To closely monitor their ward’s progress by checking the school organizer every day and paying attention to their punctuality, discipline and submission of school assignments.
  • To encourage their ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.
  • To inform the school immediately if there is any change in address, telephone numbers and bus route.
  • Restrict pocket money to minimal. Excessive spending in school should be discouraged.
  • To ensure that during their ward’s absence from school, work done in the class is made up for.
  • To provide a supportive value-based environment to their ward at home. Using discretion and parental judgement, keep track of their ward’s mental health and emotions.
  • To monitor the Internet sites visited by their ward and limit television viewing to appropriate programmes and duration.
  • Contact school to discuss and decide a plan of action to handle the difficulties (academic as well and behavioural) of their ward and to seek guidance.
  • To ensure that their ward appears for all tests as per the schedule given in the Organizer. In case the child is unable to take the examination, prior intimation must be given to the Class Teacher in writing.
  • To discourage their ward from taking additional leave before the commencement of examinations.
  • To come on Saturdays and meet the Principal/Teachers between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon with a prior appointment.