Facilities And Infrastructure


The computer lab encourages the students to become tech savvy and bridges the gap with the rest of the world with just a click of the button. Software like Time attack, Prezi and Poertoon, Go animation etc give a virtual platform towards greater creativity and learning.


The Library contains extensive collection of over 2000 books with an array of subjects ranging from fiction to educational references, encylopedias, and other journals. The students enjoy reading in the right ambience to tickle their imaginative skills.

Swimming - health benefits

Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water.

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Art Lab

The Art Lab is a place where the students display their personalities through the medium of colours. They are given a free hand to express and create designs by allowing their imagination run free. Apart from this, theme based art is encouraged here.

Math Lab

Math lab facilitates learning and understanding the concepts of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication through IT support. Apart from this, the students work in group projects and discussions with the help of 3-D shapes available in the lab.

Interactive Learning

Learning is also supported by AV presentations and educational software that makes the classrooms virtually alive. This builds the interest in the students as there is no place for ennui or monotony.

Safe and Secure Environment

A safe and secure environment fosters healthy and vibrant growth of the children preparing them to face the challenges of the dynamic future. Allenhouse promises to cater the need of its students and stake holders to the best possible level.

Mini Auditorium

The State-of-the-art Indoor auditorium with a seating capacity for 250 spectators is a platform where students get an opportunity to express themselves and improvise their public speaking skills giving a boost to their confidence.

Music Room

The music room gives an array of opportunities to hone the talent of the children and make them more adept in their areas of expertise.

Dance Room

A very inviting ambience in this room enhance ones mood to take a plunge for rhythmic movements to the beat of the music.

Botanical Garden

To initiate hands on learning and real life application a botanical garden has been set with fruits, vegetables and herbs with much more to learn and experience.

Science Park

To encourage analytical skills and allow the students to synthesize their knowledge as well as to build their curiosity, a well equipped science park has been created. Through play way " methods, the" students learn about Mass, Inertia, Newton’s laws and much more.

Activity Room (Free Flow Area) for KG

This area supports the free expressions of the children in any of the five creative fields of their choice. Here we identify the graphic lovers, creative minds, fitness experts, dramatists, homemakers and entrepreneurs.

School Infirmary

A well structured and fully equipped clinic provides all the necessary aid and assistance whenever required. A full time nurse is available in the clinic and weekly visits or on call by the Doctor ensure that all at Allenhouse are in good health.

Integrated Learning

Integrated, Interdisciplinary and theme-based learning helps the students see the connections and correlate thereby enabling retention of the topics.

All learning are activity based and experiential thereby involving a complete participation, enjoyable by all. The topics taught are supported by project work, field trips and culminating activities, to enrich and enhance the knowledge and skills of every child.

This program is not only challenging, but is designed to address all three (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) learning styles thereby being sensitive to the needs of individual students.

Self improvement and parents involvement programmes

Teachers training and development, Parents workshops and field trips add to the chain of every child’s optimum learning. Annual training schedule to update the teachers with the latest in educational scenario, are planned for the session.

Parents form a major link to complete the chain of development and growth of their child, are encouraged and motivated to attend various programmes and events that ensure their active involvement to strengthen the parent child bond.