About The Group


Education is a continuous creative process. Its aim is to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society, by equipping children with spiritual, moral and material knowledge. The never ending demand for quality education inspired the founder to lay the bedrock of SEF, Superhouse Education Foundation.

Superhouse Group is a true Indian multinational having subsidiaries in USA, UK, UAE, Spain, France and Germany. The Group is a multi-location and multi-product conglomerate with brand leader ship in the eld of Leather Footwear, Leather Goods, Safety Footwear, Safety Garments, Personal Protective Equipment and Textile Garment manufacturing and exports with brands as “Allen Cooper” and “Silver Street”. The Group is also in retail business in India with “Allen Cooper” brand.

The Superhouse group initiated into the education ecosystem in the year 1996 with a mission to develop healthy lifestyle, physical and mental wellbeing in consonance with the sustainable goal of development for children.

Since its inception,the group has created an overarching infrastructure and has combined it with an environment conducive to developing each area of a child’s persona. The objective of the group is to induce a scientic attitude, a creative bent of mind and sensitivity to human values. The organization owes its existence to the fortitude, vision, indefatigable and relentless endeavor of the Chairman, Mr. M Amin who visualized the edice of the SEF: The Superhouse Education Foundation. Under the leadership of the Chairman, Superhouse group is a trailblazer in bringing education of the renowned Delhi Public School fame of Delhi and NCR region, to the city of Kanpur. In fact, the largest number of collaborated schools’ of Delhi Public School is under the aegis of Superhouse Education Foundation.

Under the aegis of the group, Delhi Public School (DPS) schools and Allenhouse Group of schools’ are grooming thousands of children to be the awakened citizens of tomorrow.The group is not only catering to K-12 education through its Allen Kids pre-school at different locations across the region but also into higher education through the establishment of its Allenhouse Business School (BBA, BCA), Allenhouse Institute of Technology (B.Tech and Diploma in Engineering) and Allenhouse Institute of Management (MBA) in Rooma, Kanpur in the eld of higher education. We are thus giving an integrated and a holistic experience to each individual who is associated with the Superhouse legacy.

The management with its multitude of faculty members are trained and equipped to strive to help the students imbibe a love for learning, and inculcate in them a desire to excel in every eld. The aim has been to equip the students with the pragmatic Skills for Life that are imperative to establish a stable and promising future, to groom the students into ethical and principled leaders of tomorrow, to develop in every student an active and creative mind, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, the courage to act on their beliefs and to provide a stimulating learning environment with technological innovation. This shall ensure that students with differentiated learning levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

Learners of the 21 century need to be equipped with 21 century skills. Envisioning a 21 century learner, SEF has launched academies under its banner which empower children in Animation, Robotics, Performing Arts, Fitness, Health and Wellness techniques and most importantly in realizing Skills for Life thereby creating awareness, incorporation and acquisition of the components of the Fourth Education Revolution as a movement of the future of the nation through its young learners.

In emerging global dynamics, Superhouse Education Foundation plays a role of Change Managers to convert the youth of today into Unparalleled Genius.

We believe in equity by giving every child what they need...