Fit India Activity
Existing Activity (Total Records: 6)
Day Activity
01 (i) Morning Assembly – Meditation for all ice breaking activities on fitness.
02 (i) Morning Assembly – Yoga for all
(ii) Mental Fitness Activities (Ex. Debates, Symposium, Lectures by Sports Psychologists)
03 (i) Beginning of“Fitness Assessment” of Students through KHELO INDIA App.
(ii) Poster making Competition for all Students on theme “Fit Body – Fit Mind– Fit Environment”
04 (i) Physical Activities for all Students including Dance, Aerobics, Yoga, Martial Arts, Rope-Skipping, Gardening etc.
(ii) Essay/Poem Writing Competition for all Students on theme “Fit India School”
05 (i) Fitness/Sports Quiz for all Students/Workshops/Seminars.
06 (i) Competition for Students, Staff and Parents inTraditional/Indigenous/Regional Games, and digital games (due to covid).