Pre-Primary: Allen Kids

Early Years – Play, Learn and Grow together

Welcome to Pre-Primary Section: Allen Kids

The Pre-Primary section is a facilitator of curiosity and earnestness. It is an array of rollicking activities to broaden the horizons of the blooming buds. The exquisite play equipments assist children to go beyond the realms of formal teaching, explore their creativity and sharpen their motor and cognitive skills. The vibrant, affectionate and compassionate teachers are constantly involved in nurturing the tiny-tots, as our aim is to unveil their talents.

Fascinating Features

  • Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  • Smart Class
  • Activity-Room with Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Toys
  • Well-Decorated Campus to Create an Ambience Conducive for Learning
  • Spacious Playgrounds with Favorably Designed Swings
  • Well-Trained Music and Dance Teachers
  • Interactive Sessions with Parents
  • Excellent Bus Facility
  • Emphasis on Creativity by Providing a Radiant Canvas for Enhancing Their Aesthetic Prowess

Facilities & Infrastructure

Edusports, Adventure sports, Gymnastics, Skating

The various programs are designed to offer the same rigor in sports and physical education as in academics. This ensures the children to grow holistically through physical activity and sports in addition to helping children improve their health and fitness levels dramatically.

Activity Room:
Young children learn through experience and need to use their senses. We follow a daily routine of activities designed to build specific skills in children. The wide range of activities and toys in the activity room foster cognitive skills and physical skills, physical coordination and emotional maturity, practical and social skills.

The classrooms are 'prepared environments' and the methodology is well suited to the child's innate quest 'learning by doing'.

Play Area & Swings:
The play area has an open space with slides and play equipments well suited to the age group. It is the entertainment zone where children transform their pent up energy into creative playtime. They learn to interact amongst their peers and follow basic rules like taking turns, sharing etc. while playing.

Computer Lab:
The computer lab encourages the students to become tech savy and bridge the gap with the rest of the world with just a click of a button . This provides virtual platform towards a greater creativity and hands on learning.

The school library is open to all bonafide students of the school. All the classes are provided with one library period per week. Prep children are issued library books from the Second Assessment.

Swimming Pool:
Splash pool activities are organized for children in summers on a weekly basis. Care is taken for proper hygiene and safety. It involves fun and social interaction amongst peers.

Dance Room:
There is a well equipped dance room for the students. The walls are mirrored and there is a small stage for the instructor.

School Infirmary:
The school infirmary is furnished with two beds and proper first aid facilities. Proper care is taken with children who show any signs of sickness during school hours. Parents are requested not to send sick children to school for attending classes.

Music Rooms:
The music room has musical instruments suitable to the needs and requirements of children. Well-trained music teacher provide the students with the best training and prepares them to perform on stage.

Auditorium is well equipped with the projector screen for children to get an exposure to the audio-visual aids.