Extra Facilities


Personality Development is the augmentation and development of three things, Attitude, Behaviour and Communication. We help to bring out one’s capabilities and strength by searching their social etiquette, telephonic etiquette and also by improving their vocabulary. Our well equipped PDP trainers work with the children in such a manner so that they can adapt new environment and transform their inconsistent concepts for themselves. The students are also taught to participate in group discussions, debates, presentations and role plays. It helps them to gain self-confidence as well as overcome their fears.


Animation is excellent for communicating concepts of all kinds of broad audiences. Animation allows you to bring to life concepts that may be impossible in real. Our animation faculties emphasize on development of students’ skills and understanding of creating and responding that enables the students to apply Imagination & Rational Thinking. This activity enables students to invent and explore multiple solutions to a problem.

Animation program enables students to understand the value of reflection and critical judgement in creative work and encourages self motivation to create, solve problem and uses artistic literacy as a natural enhancement to learning in other content areas.

Animation offers variety of animation topic according to their class level - Graphics Design, Stopmotion Animation, Colour Corrections, Cartoon Design, 3D Animation, Visual Effects Animation, Visual Composing, Visual Editing.


Superhouse Group in its endeavour to provide international sports experience to the students, has established the Superhouse Sports Academy In - House Academy functioning across all Superhouse Schools. The Academy offers world class infrastructure for a wide range of sports activities and has renowned coaches. The Academy caters to specially designed sports programs in Cricket, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Skating, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball and many more.