Our Curriculum

Allenhouse Public Schools follow Central Board of Secondary Education based Curriculum which aims to promote life skills, goal setting and lifelong learning. It inculcates values, fosters cultural learning and global understanding in an Interdependent Society. It acquires the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humankind. The curriculum also promotes physical fitness, health and well-being of the learners as well as educators. Further the quest for learning is catalyzed through art integrated syllabi.

Our curriculum also focuses on learning through activities, structured as well as
Standardized worksheet, trips and nature walks for getting in touch with the outdoors. Special Assemblies are a regular feature to mark festivals and special occasions. It caters to critical and creative thinking. We provide academic education that gives our students the ability to be competitive and successful in the wider world. One can find all of the traditional subjects along with a whole lot of challenging new subjects like, Fashion Studies, Legal Studies, Mass Communication, NCC, etc at Allenhouse Public School.


The academics is wrapped in an environment that is conducive for our schools. They ensure safe, healthy learning environment for our students. The teachers of Allenhouse Public schools have mastered the art of caring and preparing which creates a unique bond between the teachers and the students.

Personalized counseling, remedial classes, parent teacher association makes the school a home away from home.

Stage Events, Sports Day, National and International fest along with regular academies give every child a unique opportunity to unleash their potential and dream big and also a sense of achievement.

We create classroom community and culture at all times.

Students learn to empathise and sympathise while understanding what they have in common with their fellow learners. Daily class activities yield collaborative learning, sharing their strengths and becoming team player which is the need of the hour across the globe.